Canadian coin rolls have been an exciting opportunity for coin collectors since 1960. Collectors often find that collecting rolls of coins is a great way to add some interesting coins to their coin collections.

One of the most popular rolls is the 1960 1-cent coin that features a maple leaf. There wasn’t a huge demand for dimes and quarters until 1968, silver injection technology changed how coins were minted at the time, more and more silver-based coins were taken out of circulation. This shift in Canadian currency made it hard for collectors to find genuine silver coins, nickels from 1965 to 1981 are popular due to the fact their metal value exceeds their face value. The Royal Canadian Mint produced some limited edition coins to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada. These coins include the following:

  • 2017 Living Traditions Canada 5 Cents
  • 2017 Wings Of Peace Canada 10 Cents
  • 2017 Hope For a Green Future Canada 25 Cent
  • 2017 150th Logo Canada 50 Cents
  • 2017 Connecting a Nation Canada Dollar
  • 2017 Dance Of The Spirits Canada $2
  • 2017 Glow-in the Dark Dance of the Spirits Canada Two Dollar

Tip of the Collection Coin Rolls

Copper prices increased in recent years, so much so, that the penny was removed from production in 2012. Most coin collectors have multiple rolls of pennies in their collection. Collectors are now buying rolls of loonies, toonies, quarters to add to their collections. Collecting rolls of coins may not be the most profitable pursuit, but it can be very enjoyable. Coins minted before 1982 usually have the best value, especially with copper pennies. The cooper rolls prior to 1982 produced 20% copper to 80% zinc. Silver is hard to find in coin rolls, but copper is still fairly common with coin roll hunting.

It’s illegal to deface a coin in Canada. There’s also an etiquette amongst coin collectors and defacing currency is deeply frowned upon. Marked coins could have a negative impact on another’s collection down the road.

Canadian Coin Roll Denominations

1 cent-50 coins =$0.50
5 cents-40 coins=$2.00
10 cents-50 coins=$5.00
25 cents-40 coins=$10.00
$2-25 coins=$50.00